About Dr. Guion Gee

Dr. Gee

Meet Dr. Guion Gee, DMD

Dr. Gee has worked & trained extensively to build a practice that exceeds your expectations of trusted & personalized dental care. With his practice using advanced dental equipment, Dr. Gee continually strives to give only his best to each patient.

Dr. Gee earned his DMD degree from the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry, where he graduated with honors in 2001. Since then, he has remained up-to-date on the latest developments in his field through numerous continuing education courses. Dr. Gee also remains active in the dental community as a member of the American Dental Association, the Mississippi Dental Association & the Jackson Dental Society.

Dr. Gee’s top priorities are patient comfort & satisfaction. He & his staff look forward to your visit & to showing you the many ways in which the finest dental care can improve your life.

Why Patients Love Dr. Gee…

“Going to the dentist has never been one of my favorite activities. I guess I was never actually afraid, but I did dread it. I started seeing Dr. Gee ten years ago & the experience was totally positive. The staff are all extraordinarily friendly & the environment is relaxed. I no longer dread my dental visits & am so thankful for Dr. Gee & his excellent care.”

–Dawn Gnam, Jackson

“My husband, our three daughters & I have been seeing Dr. Gee for our dental care for about 10 years. Dr. Gee & his courteous staff have also provided our family with thorough, skilled & professional services at a reasonable cost. His advice has been both informed & practical. Our daughters have experienced very positive & relaxed dental care, unlike the dreaded experience I had as a child. Without hesitation, we highly recommend Dr. Gee, who we are privileged to call our dentist & friend.”

–Lesa Nuzzo, Jackson

“Thinking back on my experiences at the dentist as a child, one word comes to my mind: pain. Because of this, fear played a big role in my early dental visits. Dr. Gee’s office is a much different story. I have had extensive cosmetic restorations the past few years & I actually enjoy relaxing in the chair while Dr. Gee & his friendly staff take care of me. I have been very pleased with the porcelain crowns & veneers & I feel they have taken years off my smile!”

–Lynn Nejam, Jackson

“I don’t know anyone who enjoys going to a dentist, but I will say that Dr. Gee & his staff make going to the dentist an enjoyable experience. Dr. Gee’s emphasis on patient comfort was first & foremost, from the moment you walk in the office, to the moment you leave. Follow-up calls by the staff ensuring that my comfort continued after-hours were most appreciated. We all know dealing with insurance paperwork is a nightmare. Dr. Gee’s staff did everything for me & ensured it was done as accurately & as expeditiously as possible. Absolute ‘yes’ on recommending Dr. Gee & staff!”

–Allen Lieberman, Brandon